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Consulting Packages

Tennessee Hydration & Wellness Consulting offers everything you need to launch, run and grow your IV Hydration business.

Your package includes 6 months of consulting. After purchasing your package, schedule your first call ASAP.

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Purchase our Standing Order Protocol Package or combine it with our On Site Full Day Training.You will also have the option to add the On Site Full Day Training at a later date if you do not purchase with the Standing Order Protocol Package.

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There is a contract for each service. Sign and return the contract(s) for the package you choose. Once you have signed and returned it, you will receive an email with a link to purchase your package.




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How it Works

* Consulting services are only available for clients outside of a 100 mile radius of Mount Juliet, TN.
If your are within 100 mille radius of Mount Juliet, TN,  your contract will not be accepted..*

If you haven't downloaded the First Steps to Starting Your IV Hydration Business, download now. These steps need to be completed before consulting with us.

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • We will provide the contact info and websites of our preferred vendors and compounding pharmacies.
  • Client FAQ’s
  • Employee Handbook
  • IV therapy package descriptions and pricing
  • IM shot descriptions and pricing
  • General legal disclaimer
  • Definition of vitamins
  • All Necessary Forms 
  • Standing orders for IV therapy
  • Standing orders for IM injections
  • We will provide all 17 of our IV Protocols
  • We will provide all 11 of our IM Injection Protocols

Everything you need to get started from your client history form all the way to every standing order and protocol you will need to operate! It is given in a format that allows you to add your logo and make changes to reflect your business.


Standing Order Protocol Package
+ 6 Months of Consulting

This includes a FULL DAY of training, one-on-one consulting, job shadowing with our staff, shadowing a mobile travel call (yes, we will go on a mobile call), review & copies of our standing orders/protocols package, mixing IVs, IM injections, upselling, profit margins, tackling your market, handling events, drip combinations, and so much more! 

If you have already purchased the Standing Order Protocol Package, you can purchase the Full Day of Training for $2500.


Standing Order Protocol Package & Full day of Hands On Training 
+ 6 months of Consulting 

Our Consulting Services

Standing Order Protocols

Full Day On Site Training

NAD+ Add On Availablity

6 Months Consulting

Take advantage of all we've learned so you can avoid the same mistakes, learn the shortcuts and experience success sooner!

Let us help you!

To be successful, you need to learn skills outside of the medical field . You need to learn how to to start, run and grow a business. Learning from someone who has already done this successfully helps you get started faster, with less stress and better results.


Standing Order Protocol Package


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Standing Order Protocol Package &
Full Day Of Hands On Training 


Download, sign and return contract before purchasing your consulting package.

* Consulting services only available for clients outside of 100 mile radius of Mount Juliet, TN.*

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