I started in engineering, medical process improvement, consulting, and analytics. But my passion has always been health and wellness.

I watched my colleagues and my husband struggle with fatigue, health issues, vitamin & immune system deficiencies, as well as potential future diseases and I knew that I could help them.

At one time in the world we were praised for showing up with a 104° fever with walking pneumonia, to do a board presentation. As a matter fact I might even get a promotion for showing up sick. We were praised for that. But the toll that it took on our bodies was hard to recover from.

So a few years ago I quit my corporate job where I helped other companies grow by  millions of dollars and decided that I wanted to help people do the same.

My husband Jeremy and I own a successful IV Hydration and Consulting business.

I'm Valerie.

Hey there!

I have been able to grow a very successful business and I want to help you grow yours! .

Business mentoring and consulting for medical professionals looking start and grow a thriving IV Hydration business.

My free guide to help you discover if an IV Hydration business is the right business for you and how to get started.

First steps to starting An iV Hydration business

want a jumpstart?

I have been able to grow a very successful business and I want to help you grow your successful business! We started IVs on our couch in our house with just the two of us part time, to running a mobile IV business , to where I finally had to quit my full time job to open a brick and mortar location. We went from just a few IVs a week to averaging 15-18 IV's a day in just a few months, not including injections and up sales. In less than two years we were already at almost a million dollars in sales.

After leaving my corporate job, it was scary! I had always had teams of people to help me and now I was all by myself wearing many hats and my friends and family were thinking I was crazy to leave the safety of a corporate job and jump into the world of entrepreneurship.

why i am here

My Story

I am also a typical mom with two kids in college (one is studying forensic accounting, and the other one is following my footsteps in engineering and analytics) PLUS I have bills….a mortgage and a husband that is a Firefighter/Paramedic. I know, I know….he runs into the buildings we run out of, jumps into ambulances, and then also helps me with our business.

But we got thru them and realized that we HAD to help other people not make the mistakes we made and teach them how we succeeded. We can help you, too!

We had bumps in the road, (let’s not even talk about the pandemic, shut downs, my daughters prom being canceled, and the ocean was on fire). 


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